Our warehouses may not be organized by librarian standards, as we are dealing with hundreds of publishers, and our inventory is constantly changing. The books are stocked in broad categories such as adult non-fiction, children's books, etc. You will be given a rolling book truck so that you may move through the warehouses inspecting the titles that interest you. We suggest that you NOT bring a list of titles you are trying to find, but rather that you approach our collection just as you would look through a catalog seeking useful items.

You will be in a casual atmosphere, so wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The price is indicated on every book so that you will know the cost of each item. A Mumford employee will periodically run a calculator total of your purchases, so that you do not have to keep up with this and can avoid over- or underspending.

Our company has been especially commended by colleges, school systems, and public libraries who are building new schools or libraries. Many come here to start their basic/core collection.

In addition to our regular inventory, we receive thousands of adult and children's titles annually from the Combined Book Exhibit ®, inventor of the bookmobile. Librarians are very familiar with CBE because of their 64 year presence of showing new titles at library conferences in the U.S. and overseas. These titles arrive at Mumford weekly and are attractively discounted and displayed for our customers.

The Combined Book Exhibit

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